Workbench Design

Creating a workbench is a fairly easy task once you define your requirements. My requirements where quite straightforward, I wanted an easy to reach bench with storage underneath and a solid top to reliably rest parts on.

I found this design from EAA for a standard workbench layout, built using 2″x4″ studding:

EAA Standard Workbench

My design of the bench would be slightly different because of the plywood I already had and because getting metric sized wood is easier here in the UK.

My design uses 45mm*95mm C16 studding and 18mm plywood top, hopefully creating a sturdy bench. The height from ground would be 1m and depth would be 600mm

This was a very, make it up as I go along build but the first things to create where the legs, each being two lengths of the studding and all cut to the same length. Screwed and glued together to create a permanent join.

Workbench Legs

Each set of legs get joined together using more of the studding, creating a strong and sturdy frame.

Lastly the plywood, 18mm in my case. However there’s no stopping you layering plywood together to create a thick and stable bench top.

Final Workbench

The final bench is strong, sturdy and stable, all that could be asked of a bench. I don’t have any plans for my sized workbench as i didn’t create any but using the design from EAA as a guide any size bench can be made.